SCHOTT is part of the new mega project of the European Southern Observatory (ESO): the European Extremely Large Telescope, E-ELT for short, that will have a main mirror 39 meters in diameter and is currently being built in Chile. These dimensions will make it the largest ground-based optical telescope in the world for visible and near-infrared light ... We are “extremely” happy to be part of it!

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Capacity expansion in record time


Interview about the challenges of constructing the second ZERODUR® glass-ceramic melting tank and perfect teamwork.
SCHOTT Infographics E-ELT optical system

The optical system of the E-ELT and the role of ZERODUR®


This infographics shows the novel 5-mirror optical system of ESO's Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) and the position of the ZERODUR® mirror substrates.
SCHOTT contract M2 & M3 mirror

The world’s largest telescope is made possible by this glass-ceramic from SCHOTT


SCHOTT has been awarded a contract for the production of mirror substrates for the secondary (M2) and tertiary mirrors (M3) of the European Extremely Large Telescope. M2 will be the largest convex mirror ever produced. A second melting tank will soon go into operation to meet the sustained high demand for ZERODUR® glass-ceramic.