We are pioneers living in exciting times

True pioneers lead with passion and ignite a fire within others, pushing ideas forward until they succeed. The inventor of specialty glass, Otto Schott, was one of them, and his pioneering spirit drives us to this day.

We turn ideas never thought possible into reality – thanks to our experience and our love of specialty glass.
Glass with no boundaries

Hi, I'm Claudia

I work in marketing, promoting our high performance cover glass Xensation® for smartphones to the international consumer electronics market. The versatility of glass has never failed to amaze me. The fact that we can mass-produce glass that’s thinner than human hair is astounding. And seeing a piece of cover glass fold like paper for the first time was breathtaking. Who would have thought that you can fold glass !
Look to the future with lasers

Hi, I'm Stefan

In my role as Development Engineer, I specialize in laser technology, developing new products and processes that really push glass processing to its limits. It’s a thrilling area, with lasers able to achieve astounding precision in glass cutting, as well as structuring, marking, decorating and bonding. The next laser development? Ultra-fast processing of large surfaces. That’s a real game changer.
A true pioneering material

Hi, I'm Wanda

I’m part of the team that manufactures glass fibers that are thinner than a human hair. I’m constantly surprised by this remarkable material and what it can do. Whether it’s providing light for life-saving medical procedures or scientific research, it’s a pioneer for discovery and understanding. Glass fibers can do a lot now, and they will do a lot more in the future.
The thrill of production

Hi, I'm Sybille

I’m a SCHOTT engineer, in charge of 120 other engineers and technicians, responsible for engineering and maintaining the manufacture of our products. Glass is an endless source of pleasure for me, the ability to change its properties with even small processing changes is thrilling. We use groundbreaking technology to create specialty glass that masters any challenge – and takes the world forward.
A material that’s made to last

Hi, I’m Jacqueline

At SCHOTT, we never stop until we have pioneered a solution – like a smartphone cover glass that’s made to last. Specialty glass is a miracle material that features a range of properties for countless applications in our daily lives. As the product manager for Xensation®, tapping into this potential motivates me every day.

Trust us, it's glass!

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