Realizing the power of diversity

We value the diversity of views, like the diversity of specialty glass. They both unlock great opportunities.

Our founders were trailblazers for the power of teamwork, and the discoveries of Otto Schott, Carl Zeiss and Ernst Abbe advanced many areas of science. Today’s #glasslovers honor their achievements by joining forces across different disciplines, nations, cultures and genders.
At home around the globe

Hi, I'm Yixuan

In one sentence: My job is to impress people about what glass can do. As we produce specialty glass that goes to space and revolutionizes living on earth at the same time, my job is intriguing and fun. What I love about working at SCHOTT is the international outlook. On a typical day, I will speak Chinese, English, German, and even my father’s hometown dialect from Shanghai. It feels like travelling the world in a day.
Building bridges

Hi, I'm Michael

I have an exciting title that goes with an exciting job. As Head of Technology & Innovation, I am right at the heart of new developments in Advanced Optics, bringing the latest ideas to life. I’m privileged to work with young talents around the world, creating global teams that solve demanding challenges through inspiration and knowledge.
Joining forces

Hi, I’m Zhengang

As a Sales Manager for the commercial refrigeration market, I help my customers to save energy and combat climate change. Did you know that energy consumption can be reduced by up to 65% by using glass doors instead of open refrigerator cabinets? My job satisfaction comes from building a bond with our global customers, passing on our expertise to boost their business.

Creating solutions together

By carving out the best opportunities in trusting partnerships, we provide specialty glass solutions for customer challenges.

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