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Consistent color impression on scuffed surfaces

SCHOTT AO Pikto Constistant Color 640x390px
Everyday challenges of life can be tough. In case of micro scratches, LUXADUR™ ensures a consistent color impression defined by the luxury watchmaker. Thanks to these unique properties, LUXADUR™ secures the watch’s luxury look under harshest conditions.

Usually, scratches on a standard anti-reflective coated surface lead to a different reflectivity at the impacted site, changing the perceived brightness and color. LUXADUR™ helps to solve this issue maintaining the perceived color, showing hardly any sign of wear even after extensive use.

Scratch Result

SCHOTT AO Scratch test 720x498px
SCHOTT AO Grafik 720x498px 2
  • Standard AR coating shows chipping
  • LUXADUR™ shows strongest adhesion and no chippings. 
    The scratches are hardly visible.
LUXADUR™ ensures the stability before and after abrasion of its rest reflection color under different viewing angles. Its abrasion resistance, reflectivity and color stability is typically proven by the results of a Bayer-Test.
SCHOTT AO Grafik Color Scratch 720x551px
SCHOTT AO Spektrum Before After 720x551px