Scratch resistant and anti-reflective

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The leading scratch resistance of LUXADUR™ is proven with standardized tests such as abrasion tests (Bayer-Test) and ballistic impact tests (e.g. scratch test and sand trickling tests). The sturdiness of the solution is the perfect fit for sapphire.

Combined with the proven LUXADUR™ anti-reflective coating solution, this ensemble lays the cornerstone for further features, such as consistent color impression and customizable color. The LUXADUR™ coating ensures the longevity of the watch’s luxury impression by keeping it free of scratches and chipping.

A scratch in an anti-reflective coating has the effect to locally alter the optical properties of the coating, leading to an increase in the reflectivity.
The robustness of LUXADUR™ prevents and reduces the visible effects of scratches.
AO Grafik
SCHOTT has decades of extensive experience in scratch resistant coatings.
The company‘s coating competency and research centers in Yverdon-les-Bains (Switzerland) and Mainz (Germany)
serve the necessities of the luxury watch industry by constantly improving and innovating.

Analysis of abrasion resistance with Bayer test

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  • The scratch resistant AR coating shows a much better surface quality after abrasion.