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Outdoor fireplaces with SCHOTT ROBAX®

79% of humans are drawn to the outdoors*, the whole year, in summer, in winter, at day and at night, in heat or cold. Design fireplaces for this new target group which are prepared for everything out there, because they provide heat, because they are safe, because they simply create a wonderful atmosphere.

*Representative survey of 100 owners of gardens, terraces and balconies, July 2014, Germany

Outstanding at SCHOTT: Innovation and design

The name SCHOTT stands for Innovations made of and with glass. Creating something new and being the first in doing so is also our goal when it comes to design.

SCHOTT ROBAX® fire viewing panels are an example for our maxim. They are particularly characterized by the variety in size and shape. A possible bending radius of 270° enables fireplace owners maximum fire visibility and almost unlimited design opportunities.

By the way: The special characteristics of glass-ceramic are especially suited for outdoors. Sudden rain, snow, or flying balls cannot harm even the heated panel. The material, glass-ceramic, withstands the requirements for outdoors with its mechanical and thermal properties.
SCHOTT ROBAX® Außenkamine Lodur 1
SCHOTT ROBAX® presented already in 2009 one of the first outdoor fireplaces with glass-ceramic fire viewing panel – the "Lodur 1"

SCHOTT already recognized the mega trend “outdoors“ in 2009. Along side our former special dealer initiative, atmosfire®, one of the first outdoor fireplaces with a glass-ceramic fire viewing panel, a development of SCHOTT, was raffled. Even then the “Lodur 1” was already the garden highlight of the season and competed the stars when it came to sparkling.

Features made for outdoors

SCHOTT ROBAX® Eigenschaften

Let’s design a new outdoor fireplace world together!

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