Mag. Dr. Silvia Fluch, MSC
C.O.O. Ecoduna

Dr. Haraldur Gardarson
QC Manager Algalif

References - Complete Tubular PBR Systems

Algalif Iceland (Iceland)

Algatechnologies (Israel)

AlgaeLabs sp zoo (Poland)

Biofuel Systems SL (Spain)

Buggy Power SL (Madeira)

Cyanotech (Hawaii)

Ennesys SAS (France)

Ratioars GmbH (Switzerland)

Salata GmbH (Germany)

SASU Algofarm (France)

Simris AB (Sweden)

Customer Statements

''Switching from plastic to SCHOTT glass tubing further enhances the engineering excellence embodied in our BioFence™ systems.''

Joe McDonald, Director of Varicon Aqua Solutions (United Kingdom)

''To develop world-class technology, it's essential to partner an collaborate with the best innovators in the industry. When it comes to innovations in glass, SCHOTT is our first choice''

Dan Simon, President and CEO of Heliae (USA)

''With glass tubing from SCHOTT, we can depend on a reliable supplier to support our patented and globally successful closed bioreactors. Phototrophic algae biotechnology has very specific requirements that very few companies are able to meet on a worldwide basis.''

Dr. Peter Waldeck, Business Uni Manager, IGV Biotech (Germany)

''Using glass offers many advantages over plastic. Besides the chemical resistance, we have been very impressed with the stability of the glass tubes. Plastic requieres many more supporters that cast shadows. This results in lower efficiency and higher costs.''

Arnaud Muller-Feuga, Project Manager at Microphyt (France)

''SCHOTT tubing confirmed its chemical stability in the experiments conducted in tropical surroundings with both sun and rain. Both the inner and outer surfaces remained transparent. The good mechanical stability of the joints also allows large-scale construction of the photobioreactor.''

Edwin Teo, Co-Founder of Algae Enviro-Engineering (Singapore)
''Superior quality, high clarity and durability of the glass tubing combined with outstanding support and assistance bring about efficiency and high yields to our world-class algae production.''

Siswanto Harjanto, CEO of PT Evergen Ressources (Indonesia)

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