perfeXion® - The New Era of Quality Processing

perfeXion® stands for the transition from statistical quality control to 100% inspection of each individual FIOLAX® tube. Various interacting online inspection devices, in combination with integrated data collection and data analysis, allow quality parameters of the original tube to be adapted to the container format (syringe, cartridge, vial or ampoule) and customer specification.

Our aim: Zero defect. Documented for every single FIOLAX® tube. Seamlessly integrated data network.

perfeXion® - News

Discover what SCHOTT experts state about perfeXion®.

Perfexion is one of the TOP15 innovations in 2016

Innovation Returns

The Medicine Maker Innovation Awards are back for the second year to recognize the most exciting drug development and manufacturing technologies released during 2016.

And perfeXion® is one of the Top 15 innovations of 2016.

What the judges say:
“The quality of syringes and other primary drug packaging is crucial – this process could help prevent some of the quality problems associated with glass, which are too often seen in industry.”
A more consistent wall thickness of the initial tube, for instance, facilitates a more precise hot-forming process in geometrically critical container sections, such as the crimp neck of vials or the cones and flanges of syringes. Tightly-toleranced inner diameters of the original tube not only ensure a constant gliding force but also enhance dosing accuracy, in particular for highly concentrated injectable substances in multi-dose devices.