SCHOTT Termofrost® Smart Access features two types of benefits.

The chiller cabinet opens automatically, when the sensor installed in the head runner recognizes a customer’s hand approaching. The glass door elegantly and quietly slides open to the side. A handle-free and frameless design allows maximum visibility and an unhindered view to the products while the innovative opening mechanism ensures a barrier-free access for customers when taking their chosen goods.

The extraordinary design combines both functional benefits for the food retailer as well as benefits for the customers.

Functional Features

  • Frameless doors provide a seamless, clear view
  • Space efficiency with a slide opening - no protruding into the aisle
  • Energy saving opportunity
  • Hygienic improvement with touchless opening
  • Easy filling of cabinet with fixed-open mode
  • Several LED lighting options to improve the quality of food presentation
  • Possibility to integrate and connect the system with a higher-level control system

Benefits from customer use

  • Improved user experience: curiosity and loyalty
  • Perceived as smart and progressive
  • Touchless technology improves hygiene 
  • Innovative and unique shopping experience
  • Attractive food presentation provided by modern design
  • Increased shopping convenience with barrier-free access to goods
  • Enabling new buying impulses in food retail
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