SCHOTT® Contact Shield

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SCHOTT® Contact Shield

is a tempered glass solution
serving as a barrier shield

Encourage social distancing for your employees and customers with our sneeze guard solution out of glass called SCHOTT® Contact Shield. If you are looking to protect your employees at their desk or in common areas, our top of the line high visibility tempered glass dividers may help prevent the spread of bacteria.

Our glass shield is more robust and longer lasting than a plexiglass divider or acrylic sneeze guard. As a freestanding solution, it is versatile and can be picked up and moved wherever you may need. The single panel solution with robust stainless steel bases provides the optimal safety solution with a high-end look. Whereas the 3-panel design with hinges enables a flexible shape for any space and gives a wider range of coverage.

Your benefits
  • Durable: Made with tempered glass that is scratch resistant and does not lose visibility with usage 
  • Versatile: Can be placed on desks, counters, conference tables, cafeteria and training tables, and more
  • Flexible: Various design options available for a flexible set up for almost any desk shape
  • Easy: Free standing solution which can be set up and moved wherever contact shielding is desired

Product features

  • Transparent sneeze guard made of glass
  • Tempered safety glass that does not lose visibility with usage
  • High hardness, less vulnerable to scratches compared to plexiglass shields
  • High light transmission
  • Single and 3-panel glass option available
  • Transactional slot available
  • White, clear and grey colors available 
  • Can be cleaned with any typical cleaner

Standard Products

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Single panel design

  • Tempered clear glass
  • Stainless steel bases
  • Height: 750 mm
  • Width: 1003 mm


3-panel design

  • Tempered clear glass
  • Base and vertical profiles: plastic extrusion, steel
  • Hinge design
  • Extrusion colour options: any solid or metal color
  • Height: 750 mm
  • Width: 580 to 700 mm (depending on angle)
  • Adjustable angle from 30° to 70° via hinges enables a flexible form for any desk shape
  • Transactional slot for transferring goods (documents, payment modes etc.
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Custom Options

Want something more specialized for your company? We custom make desk dividers just for your organization
Following product options are available:
  • Glass size 
  • Number of glass pieces per desk shield (3-Panel, 1-Panel, etc.)
  • Flexible base: numerous colors or steel option
  • Logo tempered into glass
We pride ourselves with being agile. Have a vision? We will work with you to help your vision come to life! 

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Areas of application

  • Front desk and receptionist areas
  • Close in proximity office desks
  • Cafeterias, lunch and break rooms
  • Popularly visited office desks
  • Office desks of high risk employees
  • Checkout counters
  • Retail shops and supermarkets 
  • Restaurant and bar shields
  • School sneeze guards
  • Pharmacies, doctor’s offices, hospitals and healthcare clinics
There is more to come …

Your partner for protection

When it comes to special glass solutions, SCHOTT is the worldwide expert with the broadest range of glass components and related materials.

SCHOTT is committed to support our customers worldwide to fight the Covid-19 pandemic with a broad product range, such as pharmaceutical glass packaging for vaccines, glass microarrays for blood diagnostic devices for antibody testing, coated glass filters for analytical instruments to support fast vaccine development

SCHOTT is a leading international technology group in the areas of specialty glass, glass-ceramics and related high-tech materials with over 130 years of experience.

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