Sensing your vision

When it comes to autonomous driving, glass solutions and components play a key role in improving LiDAR sensors.
The Challenge

Driving without drivers

The traffic of the future will not only grow, but it will also evolve to the point that people are no longer actually driving. LiDAR (light detection and ranging) sensors are the most innovative technologies for autonomous driving.
With the help of a laser light beam, which scans the surrounding, LiDAR sensors can collect data with incredible accuracy and can create a high resolution 3D map of the environment. Several LiDAR technologies are considered, but currently none meets the performance and reliability requirements of full autonomous driving at a competitive price level.
In redundant systems, LiDAR sensors along with radar and cameras are linked by AI (artificial intelligence) to enable ADAS 5 (Advanced Driver Assisted System), the highest level of advanced driver assistant systems which allow full automation to perform every driving function under all conditions.
The better the materials and the expertise in LiDAR components, the better the future performance of LiDAR sensors will be. SCHOTT offers both: a broad range of glass products and hermetic packaging components to improve LiDAR technologies in the future and gain a deep understanding of both industry and customer needs and goals.
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...we have the perfect solution
...we have the perfect solution
Competing technologies

Sensing the world around you

Different LiDAR sensor technologies are “in the race”, including mechanical spinning, MEMS scanning, flash and mirror system technologies.
Each LiDAR technology offers advantages and disadvantages to performance, reliability, and price. Since 2018, robotic vehicles are the major driver for mechanically spinning LiDAR sensors. MEMS-based scanning LiDAR may be the closest solution for meeting the high volumes and LiDAR performance requirements of the automotive market. Solid state LiDAR is currently considered to be the long term solution for ADAS cars due to the higher reliability and lower costs (based on Yole Report 2019).

SCHOTT can contribute in many ways to a better performance in each of these LiDAR technologies. 
Lidar Portfolio

Making LiDAR reliable and

Cars must be able to resist many threats: strong shocks, vibrations, ice and snow or (extreme) heat. Innovations from SCHOTT help to protect sensitive components in the vehicle.
Absolute reliability is crucial for safety-related components, and this even more so in LiDAR sensors that make driver responsibilities obsolete. LiDAR components need to be protected, e.g. from humidity and atmospheric influences, while offering superior performance. Protective windows, optical path components and hermetic packaging address these challenges. SCHOTT’s holistic approach, combined with its consulting and service expertise, can significantly help to improve sensing technologies.

We are your partner and offer customized solutions to improve your system. Have a look at our portfolio for LiDAR!
Know-how and support

Your partner for visionary challenges

Your partner for visionary challenges
When it comes to LiDAR, you need know-how in glass materials and special components and support in searching for visionary solutions. SCHOTT is the expert with the broadest range of glass components and hermetic packaging – from a single source. We can help you enhance performance in LiDAR applications.