Power and protect your LiDAR sensors

SCHOTT hermetic packages enable reliable optical signals in extreme environment conditions. They can be used in all types of LiDAR sensor devices (mechanical, solid-state, flash) to protect laser diodes, photo diodes and MEMS mirrors against internal condensation as well as harsh external elements while driving, such as vibration and shock.

SCHOTT offers LiDAR sensor manufacturers a collaborative partnership arrangement and solutions optimized for competitive, high-volume manufacturing. SCHOTT’s glass-to-metal sealed (GTMS) packaging technology is the trusted choice of world-leading automotive and optical module manufacturers.

Your Benefits

Reliable & Safe
Shock and vibration resistance; gas-tight packages protect against moisture and dust.

Customizable Designs

Various options in product size, shape, materials, technology; complete R&D support.

Certified Automotive Supplier

All products meet strict automotive standards (IATF).

Competitive Positioning

Providing customers with solutions optimized for competitive, high-volume manufacturing.
Packages for light sources

Laser packaging experts

Hermetic packages for LiDAR lasers and photodiodes offer excellent heat dissipation and high optical precision. While thermoelectric cooler (TEC) and copper head designs cool high power lasers to maximize optical power and control the constant wavelength, high-transmission glass and advanced package designs enable excellent optical performance. The packages enable both horizontal and vertical emission direction. SMD packages are suitable for high density, fast processing and thin form factor lasers.
Packages for MEMS mirrors

Efficient scanning

Since a vacuum-sealed hermetic environment is essential for MEMS mirrors, SCHOTT hermetic packaging allows for optimal response speed and scanning performance. By using through-hole technology, our products moreover prove better vibration resistance. To meet your specifications, we offer various package shapes. Customized high I/O count packages for example have a miniaturized design, thus are suitable for multiple MEMS arrays.
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