Protective Glass Windows


Perfect protectors for sensors

LiDAR sensors operating outdoors have to work properly. Compared to other materials, such as polymers, specialty glass enables robust housings for all weather conditions. They provide excellent transmission, superior stability against UV radiation and protection against specific wavelength. Additionally they combine high scratch resistance with outstanding stability against corrosion.
RG filter glasses

High NIR transmittance

LiDAR windows need to be robust and shall have a black appearance. RG780 and RG1000 (Cd free) are filter glass materials, opaque in the visible and extremely transparent in the NIR. They are used for cover windows in systems operating at 905 nm and 1550 nm, respectively.

Outstanding qualities

Exceptionally high transparency, outstanding thermal resistance, excellent mechanical strength and high chemical durability are why BOROFLOAT® 33 is perfect as a material for LiDAR protective windows. The multi-talented glass has a highly homogeneous quality, excellent flatness and outstanding optical properties.
Scratch resistant AR coatings

Optimized durability

The harsher it comes, the more critical a solid and highly transmissive optical window is. SCHOTT AR coatings are optimized in the visible wavelength range and have been proven to be very robust under extreme mechanical abrasion conditions.
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