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Everyone is familiar with glass, but only a few actually know the vast possibilities glass offers. More than 6,000 scientists and engineers are constantly unveiling new secrets. Whether at home, in the health sector, within the digital world or even in space: with our customers, we are persistently exceeding technological and creative boundaries. Here is where we tell our exciting stories about glass.

The developers of smartphones and smart watches are facing great challenges. While functionalities are being expanded and an increase in quality is demanded for all applications, size and weight are to be reduced - while maintaining the same usability

SCHOTT offers a variety of special thin glasses that are characterized by different properties and thus offer flexibility in developing and manufacturing of 3D Imaging & Sensing components.
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Why you should choose SCHOTT

Special glass solutions for all applications

As an innovation driver SCHOTT takes special thin glass to the next level. By offering tighter thickness tolerances, less total thickness variation (TTV) and warp as well as higher strength, SCHOTT optimizes the use for 3D Imaging & Sensing applications. 

SCHOTT enables various glass solutions for components in Time of Flight (ToF), Structured Light and Stereo Vision. Our products D 263® T eco and AF 32® eco are ideally suited for use as the substrate of diffractive optics elements (DOE), diffusers, narrow-band filters, wafer-level optics (WLO) and spacer.
What is the benefit?

Unmatched quality and convincing innovation

SCHOTT special thin glasses are impressive because of their excellent transmission, both in the visible and infrared spectrum. High stability and reliability, high temperature resistance, chemical stability and mechanical strength characterize the special glass solutions from SCHOTT. In addition, our products offer outstanding properties for coating, processing and assembly operations.

As a leading international technology group with the experience of more than 130 years of outstanding development, materials and technology expertise, SCHOTT supports you right from the product development stage. Together we will find your solution - just contact us!

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