The Extremely Large Telescope as a LEGO model could soon be in your living room

By 2024 the European Southern Observatory’s (ESO) Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) will be ready to probe far-away galaxies from its home in the mountains of Chile. Thanks to our ZERODUR® glass-ceramic, the biggest eye on the sky will provide us with spectacular images and key perspectives on how the universe was created. Dutch astronomer and LEGO enthusiast Frans Snik is as fascinated with the mega-telescope as we are. With a painstaking approach to the project, demonstrating a lot of love for detail, he has recreated the ELT in his free time as a LEGO model at a scale of 1:150. Using 800 individual LEGO pieces, not only did he meticulously re-construct the real telescope’s primary mirror, but he has produced a model of the entire instrument that is a stunning replication of the original giant. We are “extremely” impressed!

Such passion and craftsmanship is truly inspiring and that is why we want to support the astronomer’s dream – making a real LEGO product from his model. You can help bring this LEGO project into the living rooms of all amateur astronomers by simply casting your vote at the LEGO Ideas website for the ELT project and bringing the LEGO Project into the living rooms of all amateur astronomers:
  1. Go to the ELT project page and click on "Support"
  2. Now you need to register. That's easy:
    a) Either via online form... 
    (Username, password, repeat password, and provide your birthdate)

    b) ...or via Facebook, Twitter or Google+

    c) Enter your email address - IMPORTANT: an activation mail will be sent to the address you have provided so be sure to enter the correct one!

    d) Open the activation mail and confirm your registration.  
  3. Again, open the ELT project page and click on "Support".
  4. DONE !
By the way: Even the employees from ESO and their children have been so captivated by the creativity Snik has shown in his efforts to precisely build his LEGO model of the ELT that they, too, have created a second one using templates supplied by the Dutchman.
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