Bring your ideas to life. On glass.

Explore new horizons and bring your ideas to life with new possibilities for printing on glass. Get inspired by four design approaches that hold the key for an infinite range of designs on glass.

Design effects, more luxury than ever before.

The lust for luxurious, rich patterns is back! 'Expressive' creates eye-catching glass fronts that perfectly set the stage for appliances: Decorative ornaments and flowing organic shapes meet contrasting backgrounds to create unique designs with vivid depth effects.

The key to this design approach is the application of elaborate prints on both sides of the glass. Depth effects are created by placing variants of one image on both, the front and rear side of the glass. Dynamic 3D images become lively by printing the same pattern slightly staggered on both sides. These design possibilities open up a new dimension of luxury and richness, which – no matter if fashionable or timelessly elegant – always lead to unique, expressive product designs.

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The feeling of nature printed on glass.

Let the uniqueness of nature become visible and tangible on glass! 'Natural' transfer (or port, or move) the colors and the haptic experience of natural materials such as marble, slate on glass: You cannot only see natural materials… you can feel it!

Printing natural patterns on the rear side of the glass makes the experience of nature possible. This, combined with a transparent or colored print on the front side picks up the typical texture of natural materials and adds a tactile dimension to the surface. The result: Unique glass fronts, which create a completely new optical and tactile experience.

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Timeless finesse meets new sensuality.

Discover a new visual sensuality. 'Soft' creates looks that are discreetly understated and eye-catching at the same time: Matt surfaces meet glossy details. Soft color gradients create warmth and lightness. Optics and haptics melt with each other.

The decisive factor is the transparent front side printing. By varying the structure and density of the printed pattern, the reflection of the glass can be seamlessly adapted to your individual requirements. Different degrees of matte effects or even gradient progressions from shiny to matte can be realized – especially on mirrored glass a highlight! Thanks to this print finish, the glass offers a pleasantly soft touch – and in addition, fingerprints on the glass are less visible due to the printed surface. This finishing supports you in creating unique, high-quality glass fronts that emphasize the classy nature of the devices.

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Set the scene skillfully with accents.

With 'Highlight', you can set visual and haptic accents: Play with patterns and colorful accents and explore the effects in different glass types. Experience the visual and haptic effect of single elements that you want to set in scene.

An essential prerequisite for these design techniques is our one-of-a-kind printing technology. It can combine high-contrast and color-intensive printing on the front with a print pattern on the rear side of glass or vice versa. Symbols or visual elements on the front remain clearly visible even on tinted or mirrored glass. This special combination creates an exceptional clarity and depth that effectively highlights accents, lettering and brand logos to make them stand out from the crowd.

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Leave print restrictions behind.

The unique SCHOTT® Duo Design screen printing technology opens up unlimited design possibilities for ceramic double-sided printing on glass. Create sophisticated prints, individual logo prints or haptic symbols for control panels on all types of soda lime glass. There are no limits to your ideas!

"Glass design gets a new variety. SCHOTT Duo Design allows the most diverse requirements to be met – no matter if they are of functional or aesthetic nature."



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